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Data science is an exciting and sought-after profession in today’s digital era due to the continuous generation of enormous amounts of data daily.

Earning an MBA in data science instills aspiring candidates with basic knowledge and practical experience in management and business analytics.

MBA in data science available on the Online Manipal platform is recognized nationally and internationally due to its comprehensive curriculum. 

It shows that you are an expert in the field, making you the next competent and potential talent in the industry.

Data is considered the most critical aspect of the business landscape today. According to a recent report, most organizations consider data and analytics as key parts of their development strategies. Simply put, data science has a significant role in tackling various real-world challenges and producing the best outcomes, which various industries have now adopted.

Hence, talented professionals with data science skills are in high demand. If you are seeking a way to distinguish yourself in the competitive marketplace, you need to expand your data since your skill set and train in complex strategies. It will help you to make informed decisions with the benefit of businesses, opening up a promising career.

So, why should you opt for an MBA in data science? If you wish to be part of the digital revolutionized system, acquiring data literacy is the key to the path. Scroll down to explore everything you need to know about the MBA in data science course, from its curriculum to career opportunities.

MBA data science – Highlights

The field of data science offers meaningful and productive information based on a substantial level of complex or big data. Top recruiters highly prefer data science graduates as data is becoming more and more important in every industry. 

Here is some critical information you need to know before pursuing a two-year MBA program in data science.

Course duration24 months (15 -20 hours per week)EligibilityRelevant bachelor’s degreeWork experience is desirableAdmission processProvide your personal details, academic details, work experience details along with an application fee of INR 1500 and upload the eligibility documents.Course feeINR 2,60,000 (INR 65,000 each semester)Type of examinationA virtual test combination of text, videos, and interactive quizzesAverage starting salaryINR 5L – 40L Per AnnumTop employersHCL, Infosys, Wipro, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Microsoft, Accenture, Reliance, Amazon, Deloitte, Boston Consulting Group, Tata Group, KPMG.Job sectorHealthcare and medicine, Retail, Banking and finance, Construction, Transportation, Communication, media and entertainment, Education, Government, Energy and utilities.Job rolesData analyst, Data scientist, Business analyst, Machine learning engineer, Data architect, Statistician, Chief technology officer, Chief data officer, Market research analyst, Business or analytics translator.

What is an MBA in data science?

An MBA in data science is a versatile degree that focuses on analyzing and using data in business. The course is designed to equip  students with the knowledge and skills to emerge as qualified professionals. It will help them apply the gained knowledge in various domains, from healthcare to information technology. This specialized field is in demand among students who want to develop their skills in data science management.

In a nutshell, the ultimate goal of the course is to train aspiring candidates to apply data science as an effective tool to achieve business-driven goals.

Why choose an MBA in Data Science?

Earning an MBA in data science will aid you in making a data-driven business decision with an outstanding understanding of key management and critical analytical expertise. In short, the course will make you an invaluable asset to an organization. Here we have mentioned some benefits of enrolling in MBA data science.

Great access to business networks

As an MBA student in data science, you will be exposed to various networking opportunities in business. The interaction will aid in accentuating your business capabilities with colleagues. Moreover, you will also have the chance to be a part of an extensive alumni network.

Emerging roles

Data collection is growing rapidly and consistently, so is the demand for professional data scientists with MBA degrees. Earning the degree will help you explore, detect, visualize, and communicate patterns in data, thereby increasing the organization’s efficiency.

Valuable skills

The course will equip  students with the necessary knowledge and experience to become successful professionals in data science. If you pursue the program, you will be able to evaluate the objective of the task at ease, as you will be trained for these business acumen skills.

Who should choose an MBA in Data Science?

Today, businesses are not only about finances but also about the massive flow of data that has to be analyzed to make better business strategies. An MBA in data science for working professionals helps them earn a reputable position with an organization as well as enhances their salary potential. The program is suitable for – 

Working professionals who are seeking the opportunity to upgrade their career position.Individuals are looking for a better career transition in the field of data science.Young and aspiring entrepreneurs want to build their brands from scratch or strengthen their success strategies.

Admission process

The application can be submitted online at by providing the required details, including proof of identity, address, educational qualification, and professional experience. Once you provide the necessary details, the MAHE admission counselor will contact you to assist with the application process. 

Eligibility criteria for MBA Data Science

An MBA in data science enhances the ability and transforms the capacity of students to make better business decisions. However, they have to meet certain eligibility criteria, such as the following.

Educational QualificationIndian Candidates – 10+2+3 year graduate degree in Statistics / Mathematics / Computer Science / Engineering / Technology OR any other discipline with a minimum of two years of learning Mathematics or statistics from a recognized university/institution with an equivalent qualification recognized by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) International Candidates- Candidates must have completed a graduation degree certificate of equivalence from the Association of Indian Universities required from students with a foreign education to apply to any university in India.Professional ExperienceWork experience is desirable

How to apply for an MBA in data science?

To complete the initial application process. Candidates are required to provide their academic details and work experience details by paying an application fee of INR 1500. 

Here are the necessary documents one has to upload to complete the application process,

Proof of identity – Aadhaar card, passport, voter’s ID, PAN card with photograph, any other Govt.-issued photo identity card

Proof of address – Aadhaar card, passport, voter’s ID, gas bill, bank statement, post-paid mobile statement

Educational Qualification – Graduation mark sheets/transcript of all semesters & the degree certificate

Professional Experience – Work experience certificate

Selection process

Once the candidates have submitted their application process, their applications will be examined further for final selection. The steps in the process are as follows –

The application of the student for the online program will be evaluated by the Admissions team of Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE). Once the details, eligibility documents, and work experience details are verified, the University will send the communication to your registered email ID to pay semester fees. They may choose to pay semester fees/annual fees/full program fees.If the university requires further clarification on your eligibility documents, the students will be intimated via email, SMS/WhatsApp, or a phone call.The candidates will get to know their admission status within 5-7 working days after applying.Once the admission is confirmed, MAHE will inform the candidate via email and SMS regarding further details.

Fee structure for MBA in Data Science

The fee for an MBA in  data science varies depending on the type of institution and the mode of education you choose. MAHE’s 2-year online course fee costs INR 2,60,000, which is INR 65,000 for each semester.

What will you learn in MBA Data Science?

In the MBA data science specialization,  students will learn to be prepared for risk management, public finance, management counseling, and strategic planning. The course deals with acquiring greater knowledge in big data analysis, decision-making analysis, and problem-solving skills in various sectors, from e-commerce to education. The program covers database knowledge, R and Python programing, machine learning, probability, statistics, and applied data analytics.

MBA data science – semester-wise subjects

The program curriculum is designed to cover the core fundamentals of the field, training the candidates to view business from a data-driven perspective. Let us take a look at the subjects covered in MBA data science. 

Database managementPrograming with R and PythonMachine learning methodsProbability and probability distributionStatistical inferenceApplied data analytics

Data Science skills you will learn from an MBA

Given the demand for management professionals in the data science field, enrolling in the MBA data science might be the right thing to gain a competitive edge over other candidates. Here are the top data science skills you will learn from the course.


Python is an integral and interpreted programing language in the data science industry. The course emphasizes code readability and its notable use of significant whitespace.


SAS (Statistical Analysis System) is considered the pioneer in business analytics software and services essential for business administration in data science.


Excel is another important software in the program where the students can learn to inspect gathered data. 

Data management

The course also helps  students to collect and analyze large sets of unstructured and structured data from different sources. It will help derive actionable insights to make better decisions for the future. 

What are the different types of MBAs in Data Science?

If you decide to pursue an MBA in data science, you need to analyze the different ways to complete the degree. Whether full-time, part-time, or online, the endpoint of the program is to pave a successful career path for the candidates.Let us take a brief look at the different types of MBAs in Data Science.

Regular MBA in data science

It is a traditional program with a duration of 2 years where students can attend regular classes on weekdays. Moreover, they will also have the opportunity to be part of clubs, associations, and sports events.

Distance MBA in data science

MBA in distance mode allows students to study without physically attending classes. The institution will provide them with the necessary study material like books and other reference material via post.. In short, the course is about remote self-study, suitable for working professionals.

Online MBA in data science

The online MBA in data science allows candidates to take classes through online mode and virtual interactions. The course offers video seminars, live and recorded sessions, e-learning material and e-libraries that students can refer for study.  An online MBA is suitable for those who want to study anywhere, or for working professionals who want to pursue a degree without quitting their jobs.

Can I Pursue MBA Data Science online?

Individuals who are aspiring to transit or initiate their career in data science can enroll in one of the best MBA in data science colleges in India. However, you need to find the right place to start your online academic journey. At Online Manipal, Manipal Academy of Higher Education offers an online MBA in Data Science with various benefits, including –

Flexibility to take classes and exams from anywhere as per the convenience of candidates.The course is highly effective yet affordable in tuition fees.Earning an online MBA degree in data science opens up a wide range of career options

Which is the best place to learn MBA in Data Science?

MAHE’s MBA in data science available on the Online Manipal platform offers one of the best online MBA in data science programs. The course aims to update professionals with the latest skills and enable them to stay ahead with recent tools and techniques to boost their work performance and earning potential. Some of the best facilities are-

Renowned faculties from the industryOnline coursework and comprehensive study materialPractice business cases for better exposure and explorationHands-on experience with Python, R, and other relevant tools

Learning outcomes

Learn to combine data visualization and predictive models to enhance the accuracy of predictions.Acquire expertise in using a wide range of tools and software packagesCreate and develop regressing models to determine the effect of attributes and predict likely outcomes.

Career options after MBA in Data Science

There are countless jobs after pursuing an MBA in data science. A career in data science will prepare you to face new challenges everyday, where you have to adapt to different environments based on the needs of the organization and clients. However, it will expand your knowledge and enhance your career. 

Job roles for MBA graduates in Data Science

Since the world is inclined toward data, the demand for data scientists is also increasing every day. Here’s the outline of MBA in data science salary, respective to the position.

Job roleAverage salaryData scientistINR  10.6 LPAData architectINR 23.1 LPAData analystINR  6 LPAMachine learning engineerINR 7.8 LPA

Source: Ambition Box 

Higher education options

After completing the MBA in data science,  graduates can land in better-paying job opportunities. However, they can also continue their higher education by pursuing either PhD or enrolling in an Executive MBA program. These courses will allow aspiring candidates to make a big difference in the field by gaining more practical knowledge and experience in solving complex real-world situations.

FAQs around MBA in Data Science

Q. How can I pursue an MBA in data science in online mode?

Various colleges in India offer online MBAs in data science. You can apply to the institution online to pursue the course. MAHE’s MBA in data science online program available on the Online Manipal platform is among the best options available in the country. provides the best MBA in data science, designed by MAHE to suit the specific requirements of the candidates.

Q. Is there any entrance exam for MBA in data science?

The entrance exam for MBA admission in data science solely depends on your chosen institution. Though the entrance exam is compulsory for a regular MBA program, it is not mandatory for online mode.

Q. What career opportunities will I get after completing the MBA in data science?

Some potential job roles include  data scientists, data analysts, market research analysts, product managers, business analysts, and more across healthcare, retail, banking, automobile, media, and communication sectors.

Q. Is it worth pursuing an MBA in data science?

Yes, the data sciencedomain has been consistently growing for years and is nowhere near ceasing its development anytime soon. Considering the market trends, the need for management professionals is high..

Q. Do I need to know Python for joining the MBA in data science?

It is not mandatory to have any programing skills to enroll in an online MBA in data science. The curriculum is developed to equip the students with these essential skills. Nonetheless, prior knowledge of the tools and programs will be an advantage.


Data science proves and promises to be a highly useful factor in predicting the future trends and outcomes of various businesses across different verticals. Hence it is no surprise that the demand for data science professionals is spiking off the chart. If you want to be among them, it’s time to act and further your education by obtaining formalized training. 

In today’s workforce, organizations of all verticals depend on big data for every operation, from hiring to decision-making practices. There has been a greater opportunity for the demand and supply of data science professionals, not only in India but also across the world. Enrolling in the MBA in data science at Online Manipal will help you gain essential management skills, ensuring a future-proof career. 

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