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Gone are the days when online degrees were considered less legitimate than the traditional on-campus degrees. Though online learning had started to gain popularity well before the Covid-19 pandemic, people started to understand its significance during the pandemic. Affordability, accessibility, and flexibility are amongst the top benefits of online degrees. Not only students who are fresh out of college but also working professionals who wish to upskill or get a promotion can opt for an online degree as it offers the flexibility to learn while working a part-time or full-time job. 

According to a survey by the Northeastern University, 71% of companies stated that they have hired candidates with online degrees. And 58% employers believe that the reputation of the institute matters while hiring a candidate with an online degree. 

The scenario is constantly improving, and more companies are favoring candidates with online degrees. After all the focus is mainly on skills and their application. 

Can I get a job with an online degree?


One of the most concerns for individuals who opt for online education is “Can I get a job with an online degree”? And the answer to that is yes, you can get a job after doing an online degree, provided you get it from a reputed college that’s duly recognized and accredited from the regulatory bodies like UGC, AICTE, ACU, etc. UGC released an official statement saying that online degrees from a duly recognized institute/ university will be treated equal to the regular on-campus degrees. 

This has further strengthened the legitimacy of online degrees. There are many individuals in India who couldn’t continue their education after 10 or 10+2 due to poor financial condition or other reasons and had to sacrifice their dream of getting a proper degree and decent job in a reputable company. This situation has changed with the emergence of online learning. Any person whether he’s from a remote area with no good college in their vicinity or economically backward can still pursue a degree in the online mode. Besides being much affordable than the on-campus degree programs, many educational institutes providing online degrees also offer scholarships, financial aid, and easy payment options to reduce the financial burden on learners. 

Employers value on-campus and online degrees equally


Before enrolling for any online degree, most candidates fear that employers look down on online degrees and do not consider them for employment. This is absolutely a misconception. Recruiters hire candidates based on their knowledge and skill set. If the candidates from online degree programs can showcase their skill set, they have an equal chance to get selected in the interviews.  

Nowadays, employers are more accepting of applicants with online degrees, particularly for positions requiring work experience. They understand that people with degrees earned online already had employment and were acquiring valuable work experience while also studying various subjects to increase their knowledge and abilities. 

How are the chances of online degree holders getting employed?


Recruiters look to hire the best talent within least time. The traditional practice of conducting an on-campus drive in a college is both expensive and time taking. On the contrary, employers can interview more candidates (with online degrees) virtually and select the suitable candidates. 

Though employers are concerned about the reputation of the college from which a candidate’s gets a degree, they are more concerned about the skills the candidate possesses. As long as the candidates meet the job requirements of the employers, they get hired regardless of whether they’ve got a degree in offline or online mode. 

Additionally, to eliminate the misconception that online degrees are not suitable for getting a job, many renowned educational institutes are providing placement assistance programs and conducting job fairs to help deserving candidates get the right placement opportunities. 



So, the provided information should be enough for you to put all the misconceptions that you have about online degrees to rest. The only thing you should look out for when you want to pursue an online degree is the reputation of the college. Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) stands tall amongst the best online degree providers. Besides having a long history of providing quality education, MUJ offers great student support services, an advanced learning management system (LMS), scholarships to meritorious students, EMI options for fee payment, and placement assistance upon successful completion of the program. All this is done through MUJ’s dedicated online learning platform called Online Manipal. Check out the website to know more of the offerings of Online Manipal. 

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