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Is digital marketing a good career? This is a commonly asked question. Millions of people worldwide have reliable internet access and increasingly rely on digital gadgets, such as smartphones, for their daily requirements. Since most consumers now live “online” on digital channels, marketers can not ignore digital marketing. According to statistics, overall employment demand in the marketing area is expected to expand by 10% by 2026. This blog will look closely at career guidance for digital marketing professionals and tips for digital marketing success.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a branch of marketing that uses online technologies and devices to reach out to and connect with current and potential customers. Marketers can showcase their products/services to prospective clients and raise brand awareness by utilizing digital channels such as websites, social networking sites, email, and search engines. 

Unlike traditional marketing, which concentrates on providing products/services to clients, digital marketing strives to provide “value” to customers as needed. 

Scope of digital marketing

Companies realize the demand for digital marketing, and brands focus more on digital marketing and how it may benefit them. The breadth of the digital marketing career path is vast, and it is a platform ideally suited for corporate advertising and branding. With people of practically all ages being active on digital interfaces, it becomes quite simple to contact many people and promote a business. Consequently, digital marketing programs are now to educate aspirants about digital marketing and its potential.

Why should you think about a career in digital marketing?

One of the reasons a career in digital marketing is so interesting is that the sector is always expanding as new platforms are developed. One of the best aspects of internet marketing is that you do not need to be in the office. Additionally, you can work from home or as a freelancer. 

The following is an estimate of the annual compensation for chief roles in digital marketing.

RoleSalary in Rupees per annumDigital Marketing Manager6.4 to 18 lakhsSEO Manager6 lakhs to 15.6 lakhsSEM/PPC expert5.4 lakhs to 9.9 lakhsWeb developer/designer5 lakhs to 6 lakhsSocial Media Manager4 lakhs to 10 lakhsContent Writer5 lakhs to 6 lakhsSource 

10 tips to succeed in a digital marketing career

Set goals

Newcomers in digital marketing must first comprehend the fundamentals of the industry and its key components. Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Video Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing are just a few fields encompass all facets of internet promotion. It is always beneficial to conduct the necessary analysis, create a goal, and select the appropriate field.

Create a plan

Now that you have a fundamental understanding of digital marketing, search engine optimization, PPC, marketing, and other streams, it is time to pick a professional path and establish your mission. You must choose a path based on your interests from among the most popular possibilities. 

Test everything

One of the digital marketing tips for success is to test everything. You never realize what will or will not work unless you put it to the test. Allow yourself to experiment with different strategies early in your career, and be open to being wrong. You will make mistakes, have campaigns that fail, and have times when you will feel like a rock star since your strategy worked. Hence, the key to specializing is trying.

Understand the metrics

To analyze the performance of your efforts, you must have a solid understanding of analytics. Understanding metrics can assist you in understanding how the strategy is performing and how to enhance it in the future. The statistics will provide a clear assessment of how the market reacts and how well or poorly the promotion worked.

Connect with other digital marketers

A strong network is a crucial component of a successful profession. Surround yourself with talented people who have a strong network. Make an effort to meet new individuals. A strong network can help you learn from the experiences of others while also investigating new professional options.

Ask more questions

When you obtain your first job in digital marketing, you will feel compelled to demonstrate your worth immediately. This is typical. However, it is also risky because you lack the experience to backup your ideas. The easiest method to learn and obtain context about a situation is to ask questions. Pay close attention to the response, and don’t hesitate to ask for clarification. 

Enroll in a professional body

The only way to advance your career in digital marketing is to stay current. As a starter, it is recommended that you take popular digital marketing certificates and become qualified. A certification course is also advised since many businesses prefer hiring professional digital marketers over others.

Update regularly

Nobody had heard of digital marketing a decade ago. This industry is incredibly dynamic, and you must keep up with the latest trends as they emerge. To keep updated on trends, attend conferences and workshops, follow successful digital entrepreneurs on online platforms, and undertake internet research.

Keep learning

Since technology and strategy evolve quickly, learning never ends. Even after completing many certification classes, you will realize that not all of your queries have been addressed. Take advantage of every digital marketing article, seminar, and podcast you can find!

You can also read the artificial intelligence in digital marketing.


A digital marketing career is ever-changing, with new work prospects appearing daily. It keeps us on our toes and provides a new window to work through regularly. There are also a growing number of programs in the digital marketing industry that are available online. 

Online learning is gaining popularity and respect since they are as valuable as on-campus courses. Online Manipal offers various master’s degree programs and courses in disciplines such as BCA, MBA, M.Com, MCA, M.Sc., and others. Check out courses related to digital marketing careers that will allow you to aim and fly high!

Key takeaways:

Digital marketing is a marketing field that includes email marketing, content creation, search engines, social media, and other methods of acquiring customers.

Although the path toward becoming a Digital Marketer can be difficult, you can craft a smooth, professional path with the appropriate information and a smart approach.

Digital marketing jobs are in high demand; thus, you have a lot of leeway in negotiating your pay.

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