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High inflation and a significant decline in the global economy led the world to the recent recession. Many corporates have been laying off employees in huge numbers due to losses or weaker business profits. While employees with many years of corporate experience are being terminated from their jobs, the situation of unemployed youth across the globe seems much worse. Apart from job losses, there is also a deterioration in the quality of employment in developed and developing countries as many employees were forced to work for extended hours at lower wages. Students who are fresh out of college and looking to secure a job will now have to wait longer until the recession ends.  

What kind of repercussions will the global recession have on the Indian job market?


It is the million-dollar question for every Indian, whether employed or unemployed. When we talk about the global markets, we are talking about the USA, Europe, and of course, the Asia Pacific as a whole. What is currently happening in the European markets is an outcome of the tussle between the two nations, which have been at war for over a year now. This is undoubtedly impacting global finance and the business scenario. 

We need to understand that the Indian market is different and tougher to shake compared to the global markets. Those organizations which are funded by the business houses sitting in the US and the European markets have faced the brunt of the recession. At the same time, the businesses which are homegrown in India stand strong amidst the economic crisis the world is currently facing. Mild repercussions of the global business scenario on the Indian markets, the growing Indian GDP is sufficient to pump up the ongoing economy and maintain the level of business requirements in the nation.  

Can online degree holders still find employment during the recession?


While regular degree holders are finding it hard to get employed during these testing times, many individuals who are pursuing online degrees started to doubt what kind of effect it has on their employment opportunities. As said earlier, India being a tougher economy and the rising GDP will make sure that talent acquisition will continue within the country regardless of what is happening worldwide. However, even if we see a tougher time with regard to the lesser job requirement, those who are going to invest time in their upskilling and remain relevant by learning emerging technologies would always find it easier to get placed. Online degrees are a great way to continue your education, get upskilled, and stay relevant to the ever-changing market trends. 

Is Online Manipal the ideal destination for legitimate online degrees?

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Whether you’re a fresher looking to pursue higher studies or a working professional looking to upskill, online degrees from MUJ are the best sources. By equipping yourself with the right knowledge and in-demand skills through online courses, you can find employment even during tough times like a recession. 

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