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Diwali, popularly called the festival of lights, is a time when not only our houses light up, but our hearts too. It is a time of celebration, joy and togetherness. Diwali is celebrated differently in every household, and everyone has their own reasons to celebrate this most loved festival. ‘Deepavali’, as they call it in some parts of India, essentially means “awareness of the inner light”. In a way, it is to illuminate the inner light in you, that will help you overcome all dark obstacles in your life. 

Diwali is not only a festival to celebrate, but more than that. It is the time for celebrating the spirit of new beginnings and renewed hope for a brighter future. Diwali symbolizes “the victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance.” Here’s how you can use the spirit of Diwali to embark on a new, refreshing journey.  

Make a fresh start 

Diwali doesn’t have to mark the end of the festivities and good things; it can be perceived as a celebration for making a fresh start.  

There might have been several obstacles that stopped you from achieving your dreams or goals. One of the best ways to probably start is by pursuing an online degree. Online degrees are flexible, accessible and budget-friendly. Considering the rapid digitalization that is taking place today, there is no doubt that online learning is the future of education in India and worldwide. So, what better way than pursuing an online degree with the help of Online Manipal, which gives access to a wide range of online undergraduate, postgraduate and certificate programs from top universities like Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) and Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), that will make you a future-ready professional.  

Find your purpose 

Festivals are the time to embark on a purposeful journey and follow your passion. This Diwali, find your passion or goal and march towards it. If you love what you do, everything that you do will satisfy you and bear fruit. Make use of this opportunity to pursue an online degree of your choice. One of the biggest boons of online degrees is that you can choose to pursue them from top universities of your choice and pick subjects that interests you. Universities are now offering online degrees with a wide range of specializations, which is not available in traditional on-campus degrees. So, you can pursue a degree of your dreams from the college of your choice.  

Time for a career switch 

Following your passion is not always easy. Sometimes, one is not able to choose the life one wants and settles for a less satisfying life. But, this festive season, give wings to your dreams. If you want to switch your career, then pursuing an online degree is an ideal decision. With universities offering in-demand programs in the online mode, you have a pool of courses and specializations to pick from.  

Online degrees are the perfect fit for working professionals who want to switch careers. Professionals can study from the comfort of their homes, without altering their routine. Online programs help you acquire all the skills you need to get that competitive edge and explore a lucrative career in your chosen profession. Also, online degrees are more affordable than on-campus degrees, so you don’t have to worry about spending much. This festive season, gather the courage to take that leap and follow your heart.  

Boost your freedom this Diwali 

Diwali is celebrated differently across India. For some Hindus, Diwali is celebrated to mark Lord Ram’s return to Ayodhya, along with wife Sita and brother Lakshamana, after 14 years in exile. He also frees Sita from the clutches of Ravana. The people of Ayodhya welcomed them by lighting lamps and celebrating freedom. For the Sikhs, Diwali is a story of struggle for freedom. Sikhs celebrate this festival to mark the victory of Guru Hargobind, from the designs of Emperor Jahangir, who imprisoned him. So, this day marks the celebration of freedom. Everyone has the freedom to choose the life they want to live, so do you have the freedom to choose a degree of your choice. What is better than choosing from a range of Azadi Wali Degrees with the help of Online Manipal. Pursuing an Azadi Wali Degree with Online Manipal can really give you an edge. The degrees offered by top universities on our platform give you a liberating learning experience. 

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This Diwali, light the lamp of abundance of knowledge, truth and passion, and dispel the darkness of ignorance.  

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