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Graduate Management Admission Council report ‘Corporate recruiter survey “, according to 84% of companies worldwide this year, with plans to add new MBA are working on. The management of student demand growth this year is set to be substantially. Good career prospects after graduation in Management for students seeking to better condition.

Management is aware of Field 5 best MBA courses, whose studies after 3 lakh to Rs 35 lakh can be obtained starting salary. Most of the country’s education courses related to the government, private institutions can be. These courses ranging from diploma to PG level are.

1)Course: Marketing
>> 3 to Rs 35 lakh per annum salary Aevrej
Job Role: Business strategy to be effective trends, customer behavior, Market Need, Market Composition to study the formulation of policies.
2)Course: Finance
>> 4-50 lakh. Aevrej annual salary
Job Role: Financial Decision for the company’s business functions to deal with.
3)Course: International Business
>> 8-24 lakh. Aevrej annual salary
Job Role: domestic and foreign companies in various economic, political and cultural framework to develop the business.
4)Course: Operations Management
>> 4-20 lakh. Aevrej annual salary
Job Role: Accounting, HR, transport or logistic services to the company monitoring and leadership. Operations Management is the core of any business activity.
5)Course: HR Management
>> 5-21 lakh. Aevrej annual salary
Job Role: Institute for Work and job requirements to monitor the structure, selection. Orientation and training program to conduct work. Etc. to manage staff pay scale.


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