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Key takeaways:

Students who have completed a bachelor’s degree can pursue a career as a business analyst.

A business analyst must possess technical and business skills. 

Multiple industries require professionals for the post of business analyst. 

Within the business analysis, there are multiple job roles, such as data analyst, data scientist, operations analyst etc. 

Today’s world is full of many opportunities for engineers, not only in their niche but also in other fields. After completing their mechanical engineering, most students look out for other opportunities in which they can become a specialist and build an extensive career. 

One such sphere in which mechanical engineers can establish their careers is business analytics after mechanical engineering. As peculiar as it may sound, a mechanical engineer can become a business analytics professional. But how? Let us find out. 

A career in business analytics after mechanical engineering

If you choose to switch to a business analytics job, you can work as a management analyst or financial analyst after completing your mechanical engineering course. However, these roles demand a strong understanding of the business from the candidates and a bachelor’s degree. 

While mechanical engineers have bachelor’s degrees, they lack the requisite knowledge about business and its processes. To bridge this gap, a mechanical engineer can choose to pursue MBA or masters in business administration. 

Becoming a business analyst requires high analytical skills, which mechanical engineers possess. Combined with the business knowledge offered by an MBA program, the knowledge scope of a mechanical engineer can escalate to another level, and they can establish a great career in business analytics after mechanical engineering. The world is becoming data-driven; thus, a business analytics professional has a huge career scope. 

Can a mechanical engineer pursue an MBA in Business Analytics?

Any graduate who wishes to learn the nitty-gritty of business can pursue an MBA. If a mechanical engineer wants to create a career in business analytics, they can enroll in an MBA program in business analytics after mechanical engineering. All they need to do is pass the entrance test for the respective university. 

There is a growing demand for graduates in the field of business analytics, and thus, any person with a bachelor’s degree can opt for a Master’s in business analytics. 

Skills required for business analytics 

Understanding business objectivesProgramming skillsData visualizationDatabase and SQLDecision-making skillsCommunication skillsTime management skills

If you are planning to make a career switch to the business analytics domain, the candidates must possess the following skills – 

Understanding business objectives 

A business analyst’s foremost duty is to understand the organization’s goals. They must also identify and troubleshoot the problems in fulfilling those goals and objectives. To work efficiently on this mission, they must possess adequate knowledge about it and the organization’s vision. For most organizations, the goals include increasing sales and production, improving revenue streams, etc. 

Programming skills

To perform data analysis efficiently, business analysts must have adequate knowledge of programming languages. They must also keep themselves up to date with the changing trends and new techniques to make work seamless. In this regard, programming languages such as R and Python are highly beneficial, and a business analyst must possess their knowledge. 

Data visualization

Business analysts need to visualize data in real-time to impart requisite knowledge to their clients. They should know the graphs or charts to use according to the data. They must also know how to use tools for data visualization such as Tableau, PowerBI, etc. 

Database and SQL

Business analysts deal with a lot of data they need to collect, organize and store effectively. Therefore, they must know about databases and SQL such as MySQL, Oracle DB, and Microsoft SQL. 

Decision-making skills

It is a non-technical skill in business analytics for mechanical engineers that requires a general ability to make robust decisions in favor of the firm. Before concluding, a business analyst must consider the problems and factors affecting their decision and the effects that the final solution will have on the organization and its stakeholders. 

Communication skills

Communication and interpersonal skills are quintessential for any individual who aims to establish a good career in business analytics. The candidate needs to convey their message adequately to be understood. Also, they must understand the requirements and problems of the clients and other stakeholders. 

They need to facilitate communication through a smooth channel in multiple phases of their work, such as launching their project, collaborating with others, finalizing the solution etc. They also need to host meetings in which they should be able to convey their message. 

Time management skills

Giving solutions and results to the client on time is an important part of the role of a business analyst. Thus, they must know how to manage their time accordingly. They must use the tools and techniques required for automation and other such tasks that can help save time for them and other personnel. 

Career opportunities in business analytics

Some of the prominent career opportunities in business analytics for mechanical engineers include the following-

Business Analyst 

A business analyst is responsible for studying a considerable amount of data and providing conclusions pertaining to the performance of the business. They work to bridge the gap between management and complex and technical systems by bringing them closer. 

They conduct decision-making to improve the profit margin of the company based on data and all other essential factors. 

Data Analyst 

A data analyst conducts day-to-day business tasks such as generating and managing reports. They need to collect data through surveys and other forms, perform analysis on that data and present it in an easy-to-understand manner. 

Data Scientist 

A data scientist deals with a large amount of data and tries to gather valuable insights from it. The acquired data helps the company in making better decisions. They use scientific methods and multiple algorithms to gather essential insights from the data collected. 

Predictive Modeler

A predictive modeler works by using the results derived from various studies of extensive data to create a model for making business-related predictions. It can be done using a tool or manually to get insights into the possible future outcomes for an organization. 

Operations Analyst

An operations analyst solves problems within the organization by implementing goal-oriented strategies. They also work to manage data, client reporting and trade processes. 

Marketing Analyst 

A marketing analyst gathers the perspective of the consumers in the market about the product and service offered by an organization. They analyze market trends with the help of data analysis and predictive statistics. Theory forecast sales, help in the creation of new marketing campaigns and present its findings to its clients. 

Supply Chain Analyst

A supply chain analyst works by analyzing the supply chain of the organization and devising strategies to improve the supply chain process. They need to optimize the supply chain to get the best results for the organization. 

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Final thoughts 

The technical knowledge offered by mechanical engineering and the business insights offered by an MBA program is the perfect blend to make a skilled business analyst. Thus, if you wish to make a career switch to the business analytics domain in the industry of your choice, sign up for the MBA program today and get guidance from some of the most proficient mentors in the country.

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