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A civilized society is one that is built upon the foundations of scientific thinking and social welfare. Both of which at times are considered to be mutually exclusive, but are indeed interdependent.

Science is a study based on concrete facts and principles which lead to the absolute. Society on the other hand is based on relationships and affections which are considered to be unpredictable. A balance of both is desirable for a civilization to sustain and prosper Integral University admission.

Underlying principle for both the extremes is the ability to learn, implement, relearn and unlearn, and in order to facilitate this process we have education systems.

Pressing need for a formal education system was felt as the quantum of human knowledge grew. This need gave way to the establishment of centers for learning.

Integral University Faculty of Agricultural Science & Technology

S.No.Program NameEligibility CodeDurationFee
1M. Tech. (Agri-Informatics)E702 Yr.₹ 50,000
2B.Tech. (Agricultural Engg.) Lateral Entry – For Diploma Holders/B.Sc GraduatesE4/E53 Yr.₹ 80,000*
3M.Sc. (Agriculture) Soil ScienceE682 Yr.₹ 50,000
4M.Sc. (Agriculture) AgronomyE682 Yr.₹ 50,000
5M.Sc. (Agriculture) Genetics and Plant BreedingE682 Yr.₹ 50,000
6M.Sc. (Agriculture) HorticultureE692 Yr.₹ 50,000
7B.Tech.(Agricultural Engg.)E154 Yr.₹ 80,000*
8B.Sc. (Hons.) AgricultureE164 Yr.₹ 50,000/-
9B.Sc. (Hons.) HorticultureE164 Yr.₹ 40,000/-
10B.Sc. (Hons.) ForestryE164 Yr.₹ 40,000/-
11B.Sc. (Hons.) Home ScienceE174 Yr.₹ 40,000/-
12M.B.A. (Agribusiness Management)E18/E592 Yr.₹ 50,000/-



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