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Integral University Faculty of Science

The University offers an array of subjects that cater to the capabilities of different individuals at various levels of education.

Primarily, the aim is to enrich and support the individual in their endeavor towards the attainment of knowledge, and wisdom to apply that knowledge, in coherence with the aims and ambitions of the individual in particular and for the greater good of human kind in general Integral University.

With this honorable intent, minds with ingenuity, talent and ambition are welcome to join us, to seek the realization of their goals and satiation of their thirst for knowledge and wisdom.


S.No.Program NameEligibility CodeDurationFee
1B.Sc. (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics)E203 Yr.₹ 30,000
2B.Sc. (Physics, Mathematics, Statistics)E203 Yr.₹ 30,000
3M.Sc. (Chemistry)E252 Yr.₹ 40,000
4B.Sc. (Zoology, Botany & Chemistry)E193 Yr.₹ 30,000
5B.Sc. (Hons.) BiochemistryE193 Yr.₹ 30,000
6M.Sc. (Integrated) BiotechnologyE194 Yr.₹ 80,000
7M.Sc. (Integrated) Industrial ChemistryE324 Yr.₹ 55,000
8M.Sc. (Integrated) MicrobiologyE194 Yr.₹ 80,000
9M.Sc. (Integrated) PhysicsE744 Yr.₹ 55,000
10M.Sc. (Integrated) BiochemistryE194 Yr.₹ 75,000
11B.Sc.(Hons.) BiotechnologyE193 Yr.₹ 60,000/-
12B.Sc.(Hons.) Industrial ChemistryE323 Yr.₹ 30,000/-
13B.Sc. (Physics, Maths, Electronics)E203 Yr.₹ 30,000/-
14B.Sc. (Physics,Maths,Computer Science)E203 Yr.₹ 30,000/-
15B.Sc. (Life Sciences)E193 Yr.₹ 30,000/-
16B.Sc. (Environmental Science)E323 Yr.₹ 30,000/-
17M.Sc. (Biotechnology)E212 Yr.₹ 50,000/-
18M.Sc. (Microbiology)E222 Yr.₹ 50,000/-
19M.Sc. (Biochemistry)E232 Yr.₹ 40,000/-
20M.Sc. (Bioinformatics)E242 Yr.₹ 40,000/-
21M.Sc. ( Environmental Science)E48/ E492 Yr.₹ 40,000/
22M.Sc. (Industrial Chemistry)E252 Yr.₹ 50,000/-
23M.Sc. (Physics) (Specialization Electronics)E262 Yr.₹ 40,000/-
24M.Sc. (Mathematics)E272 Yr.₹ 40,000/-

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