International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad Admission Open 2018-19

International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad Admission Open 2018-19

The International Institute of knowledge Technology, Hyderabad (IIIT-H) is associate degree autonomous university supported in 1998. it absolutely was came upon as a not-for-profit public non-public partnership (N-PPP) and is that the 1st IIIT to be came upon (under this model) in Asian country. the govt. of state season support to the institute by grant of land and buildings. A Governing Council consisting of eminent individuals from domain, business and government presides over the governance of the establishment.
IIIT-H was came upon as a research university targeted on the core areas of knowledge Technology, like applied science, natural philosophy and Communications, and their applications in alternative domains. The institute evolved robust analysis programmes in an exceedingly host of areas, with computation or IT providing the connecting thread, and with a stress on the event of technology and applications, which might be transferred to be used to business and society. These needed windings up basic analysis which will be accustomed solve reality issues. As a result, a synergistic relationship has come back to exist at the Institute between basic and applied analysis college carries out variety of educational industrial comes, and a number of firms are incubated supported the analysis done at the Institute.
Offered Courses:
  •         B.Tech (4 Year)
  •         M.Tech
  •         MS by Research
  •         MPhil CL
  •         PhD
  •         Dual Degree (5 Year)
 B.Tech. Programme
The B.Tech. programme aims to provide core concepts and skills in the broad areas of engineering, sciences, mathematics and humanities, supported by practicums. The practicums are intended to give students a first-hand understanding of leveraging their initial breadth (and skills) in programme and applying it to develop solutions for real-life problems. Students also learn next level concepts and do course projects by enrolling in advanced courses for two years, and to pursue a chosen specialization, or to broaden knowledge and in their programme of study.
The aim of M.Tech. programme, is to help graduates and working professionals enhance their professional qualifications and career prospects. This programme imparts solid foundation followed by advanced knowledge in one or more specialized areas. M.Tech. is offered in the following areas: 
  •     Computer Science and Engineering
  •     Computer Science and Information Security
  •     VLSI and Computer Engineering
  •     Computer Aided Structural Engineering
  •     Bioinformatics
  •     Computational Linguistics
Ph.D Programme
Ph.D. is a research programme with emphasis on the dissertation work. To ensure the necessary depth and breadth in the area chosen for research, students are required to do course work and clear the qualifiers. Typically students plan their Ph.D. study based on their background and in consultation with their programme chair. Upon clearing the requirements and the acceptance of their research proposal, the student works on the thesis, and its successful defense leads to the degree. Ph.D. is being offered in the following disciplines:
M.S by Research
M.S. by Research is a research-oriented Masters' programme, normally lasting two years and culminates in a thesis defense. Students can take advanced courses in the chosen area of specialization and devote a year or more towards research.
M.S. by Research is being offered in the following disciplines:
    Electronics and Communication Engineering
    Computational Natural Sciences
    Computational Linguistics
    Civil Engineering
    IT in Building Science
    Spatial Informatics
    Cognitive Science
    Exact Humanities
M.Phil. in Computational Linguistics (CL) for MA students in languages
The aim of this programme is to provide an understanding of natural language to the students with humanities and social science background from a computational perspective. It prepares them to understand computational models and how natural language data can be prepared or analyzed while building systems. The programme is specially designed for linguists, language scholars, Sanskrit scholars and the likes. Students with a science or mathematics background and with a strong interest in the analytical or computational study of language too can pursue this program.
Part-time Programmes and PGSSP
The aim of this programme is to help professionals interested in acquiring new knowledge in chosen areas without regard to any degree. Interested people can enroll in the P.G. programmes on a part-time basis. They are recommended to initially join through the institute’sP.G. Student Status Programme (PGSSP).
Outreach Programmes
Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT) provides a 2 year, 3 semesters (6 mini-semesters) a year, post graduate IT education which emphasizes project-based curriculum and in the second year they undertake domain specialization and a large scale project in topics including Data Analytics and Data Visualization, E-Business Technologies, Information Security, Software Engineering, Computer Networks and Language Technologies.

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