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An MBA prepares you for employment by fostering the development of leadership abilities, business concepts, and professional networking. It offers you the push you need to break into and stay in the job market. A multitude of specialisations is available for MBA programmes, from marketing to finance, management to human resources. An MBA is an ideal approach to jumpstart one’s career. 

There is a rising demand for MBA graduates in the job market. But you might be wondering if there will always be such a strong demand for MBAs. Many people still wonder how long an MBA would benefit their job. Due to the enormous benefits that an MBA degree provides students, the demand for MBA graduates is currently high and is expected to remain high. It makes you job-ready and aids in developing leadership abilities, business ethics, and professional networking. The various MBA specialisations enhance your managerial skills and increase your opportunities in the job market. 

Employers are now prioritising professionally qualified individuals over unskilled candidates from the standpoint of the employment market. Numerous consulting businesses, like Larsen and Toubro, Hindustan Liver, HDFC Bank, Aditya Birla, etc., seek applicants with MBA degrees because they have the analytical skills and subject-matter expertise needed to take up responsibilities and work effectively. Employers favour MBA applicants who have experience in various core business ideas since the programme enhances communication abilities and fosters personality development. The advantages provided by an MBA degree gives you unique capabilities and supports your future success. 

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Can a fresher pursue an MBA?

Questions like “Can I pursue an MBA without work experience?” or” Does an MBA require work experience?” often arise in many freshers’ minds. The simple answer would be Yes, and you can pursue an MBA without job experience. However, it is true that your MBA application should emphasise your professional experience, but it’s not the only factor in predicting success. Your application may be able to make up for lack of formal job experience if it strikes out in other aspects, such as an extraordinary GPA, a high GMAT score, or self-taught data analytic abilities. Your MBA application might be strengthened by extracurricular involvement, interests, and activities, particularly if you can show signs of leadership growth. 

Admissions committees are more concerned with a demonstrated spirit of entrepreneurship and desire to make a difference than with specific criteria for an MBA. You can still acquire an MBA even if you have very little to no professional experience. For example, early career MBA programmes give you the knowledge and contacts you need to effectively enter the workforce

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How can an MBA benefit a fresher?

An MBA for freshers is quite beneficial, and it is far preferable to get an MBA as a recent graduate so that you may join the corporate sector prepared with business skills and knowledge. First and foremost, an MBA graduate can earn more, and the degree will allow freshers to earn handsome salary packages.

The positions that MBA graduates are given are always superior. Those who have worked for a few years will concur that you need an additional professional degree to advance in your career. Professional experience with an MBA could be more pertinent and beneficial than professional experience without an MBA for any career progression or promotion. 

The exposure and expertise you gain in the two years of an MBA programme are comparable to three to four years of job experience. You’ll get the chance to network with top CEOs and entrepreneurs in seminars and other events during your respective esteemed MBA programme, which is an advantage you won’t have during your job experience. 

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MBA with work experience or MBA as a fresher: Which is ideal?

MBA as a fresher

Advantages: Many believe that the flow shouldn’t be interrupted during the progression of academic work. You have already established the habit of going to class, turning in assignments, doing homework, and taking examinations until graduation. Therefore, if you keep up this pattern, it will be simple for you to handle the course material in MBA classes. 

The main advantages an MBA offers are both personal and professional growth. The exposures in MBA courses aid in moulding the individual professionally and personally since a fresher resembles a clean canvas. An MBA prepares you to take on obstacles in the business world because you will be a newcomer in the sector. 

MBA programmes provide placement assistance and networking opportunities. Therefore, there is no need for you to search for jobs after completing your MBA, as employers would come for recruitment drives. Additionally, some businesses hire recent graduates exclusively for their job descriptions, particularly the sales profile. 

Disadvantages: Individuals with prior work experience present a significant competitive challenge to freshers after completing the MBA degree due to their extensive knowledge of the corporate world and ability to use their job experience in case reports and competitions. However, in a manner, it also allows new students and freshers the chance to learn from their peers. 

MBA with work experience

Advantages: The MBA programme prepares you for the difficulties of the business world. Given that you have prior corporate experience, you are familiar with the operation of organisations as well as their problems and solutions. Therefore, the route for an MBA programme appears to be simpler for those with professional experience. 

With an MBA degree, professionals have the freedom to pursue their ambitions and switch careers by applying for a job in their preferred sector. In other words, individuals will have a clearer idea of what they really want in their professional careers and can concentrate on the tasks that will help them reach their career goals and aspirations. 

The benefit of business exposure includes improved soft skills in addition to interpersonal skills. You will do several presentations and pitch your proposals in front of the class as well as in other contests over the duration of the MBA programme. Because of this, you would be qualified to work in the human resources department. One of the most significant benefits of an MBA is networking, and individuals with job experience often have strong networking skills, so it helps them build their connections more effectively. 

Disadvantages: It’s not as simple as it seems to transition into student life after adapting to working life. It is true that individuals with employment also study, but their learning styles vary, and there are no predetermined standards, so some might find it difficult to get back into student life. It may be difficult for those seeking an MBA with job experience to re-adjust to the classroom and examination approach.

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Online MBA or offline MBA: What should you go for?

Individuals can opt for an MBA without work experience in India, as there are multiple colleges providing various MBA programmes and specialisations. However, it is crucial for applicants to understand how these programmes differ from one another. It’s vital to remember that, despite popular belief, all of these programmes are equally acceptable. Sometimes, individuals believe that a traditional MBA is preferable to an online MBA programme. However, both modes have distinct characteristics and produce entirely different experiences for individuals, and the ideal mode depends on the preference of individuals and their career goals. In order to assess the MBA programme in the two distinct formats, i.e. online and traditional, we offer a few highly crucial characteristics. You may determine the differences between the two modes of an MBA programme by contrasting the key elements of conventional and online MBA programmes. 

CharacteristicOnline MBA Offline MBADelivery of programme Everything from classes to homework to projects to tests is done online. An offline MBA programme’s form of programme delivery involves regular offline classroom learning with a set calendar and schedule of lectures with offline tests. Curriculum The same conventional MBA programme is followed, including both academic and practical instruction. The virtual nature of everything is the sole distinction. In the standard MBA programme, the curriculum comprises both theoretical and practical instruction. Principles of teaching Very adaptable learning and teaching experience. Flexibility with regard to showing up for lectures, planning and administering tests, and turning in assignments. Additionally, everything takes place online using an online learning management system (LMS). Assignment due dates, test dates, and class attendance are all fixed and rigid. Duration The course duration is two years. You may, however, study at your own speed. It is a 2-year full-time MBA programme. Admission process The admissions procedure is straightforward and entirely online. Simply fill out the application form, provide documentation for verification, pay the money, and you may begin your study. Regular MBA/full-time MBA admissions are difficult to get into and need passing a state- or country-wide entrance test. You must pass the admissions test and advance through a number of further stages in order to be accepted into a full-time MBA programme. These rounds include group discussions and personal interviews. Exposure With the aid of frequent webinars and live interactive sessions with business leaders, alumni, and graduates, online MBAs offer better exposure. A full-time MBA programme’s curriculum includes regular industry visits, factory tours, and field trips, all of which are crucial components. Placement Universities offer a range of services for job placement and career guidance. Placement drives are organised by reputable colleges. At the conclusion of every final academic year, a placement procedure is held, giving students the chance to be hired by the top businesses affiliated with the programme. Networking Through discussion boards on their LMS, students have the chance to interact with their fellow students and instructors. Online webinars, interactive workshops, and alumni gatherings are also available. You can continuously interact in person with your teachers and other students. As a result, there is extensive networking between the students, visiting academics, as well as other members, which is beneficial. 

Increase in demand for online courses post the Covid-19 pandemic

Although online MBA programmes have existed for some time, they weren’t as well-known until the pandemic. The education system was completely shifted online, and organisations have been obliged to use digital media as a result of travel restrictions and lockdowns. The number of prospective online MBA course applicants has increased dramatically worldwide. All MBA specialisations, particularly those in investment and finance banking, followed a similar pattern. More and more individuals are opting for online courses now because of the various benefits it provides. 

Job opportunities after MBA for freshers

Top career opportunities that individuals can opt for in various sectors after an online MBA with specialisation are mentioned in the table below:

SectorJob rolesAverage salarySales and MarketingBrand Manager₹ 12.0 LPAMarketing Manager₹ 7.4 LPAMarket Research Analyst₹ 3.5 LPASales Manager₹ 5.0 LPAFinanceFinancial Analyst₹ 4.0 LPAFinance Manager₹ 13.0 LPAAccounting Manager₹ 5.9 LPARisk Manager₹ 9.0 LPAHRHR Manager₹ 7.0 LPAHR Generalist₹ 3.6 LPATalent Acquisition Manager₹ 11.0 LPATechnical Recruiter₹ 3.0 LPAOperationsOperations Manager ₹ 7.5 LPASupply Chain Manager₹ 10.0 LPALogistics Manager₹ 6.8 LPAInventory Manager₹ 4.0 LPAIT and SystemsAnalytics Manager₹ 20.0 LPABusiness Development Manager₹ 5.2 LPASystem Analyst₹ 8.1 LPAProject Manager₹ 14.5 LPA

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Why is Manipal University Jaipur your most preferred source for accredited online courses?

Freshers and working professionals can enhance their careers with Manipal University Jaipur’s online MBA programme. Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) provides online MBA courses with various specialisations and an interactive curriculum emphasising learning at one’s own pace with live online sessions, self-learning resources, and more. After completing the online MBA programme at Manipal University Jaipur, students are prepared for interviews through various placement assistance services. The wide range of placement assistance activities includes resume writing workshops and interview tips to help individuals land their dream job. 

The online MBA programme offered by Manipal University Jaipur is ideal for freshers planning to get into managerial roles. Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) provides online MBA programmes with various specialisations for working professionals to advance their careers.

Online degrees from Manipal University Jaipur and Manipal Academy of Higher Education are offered through Online Manipal platform.

Some of the benefits offered by the online MBA programme are stated below: 


Academic scheduling is flexible for online MBA programmes. Students can learn at a time that’s convenient to them at any time and from anywhere


You could also save money on fees by enrolling in Manipal University Jaipur’s online MBA programme rather than a regular full-time MBA programme. 

Expands your knowledge 

Your understanding of a wide range of subjects will increase thanks to an online MBA programme. Students may build a solid foundation in aspects of the business, including accounting, marketing, and finance, through academic programmes. The specialisations, on the other hand, provide students with the chance to learn in-depth information about particular subjects they are interested in.

Career advancement 

One of the most frequent motives for getting an MBA is career advancement. Individuals who earn an MBA degree online will be able to increase their salaries and pursue managerial job roles. 

Ideal for networking 

A useful aspect of an online MBA programme is networking with various individuals. Your peers, teachers, and connections will all be part of the professional connection you build while earning the degree. Through online courses, virtual social gatherings, or a web platform, you will be able to contact working graduates and corporate executives. 

High salary potential 

Online MBA programmes not only increase your career options but also equip you for high-paying jobs  in the market of today. 


The choice of whether to pursue a traditional MBA or an online MBA is ultimately up to you. If you are a working professional, you must decide whether you want to quit your job to enrol in a traditional MBA programme or if you want to keep working while enrolling in an online MBA programme based on your preferences and interests. For freshers who wish to make a name for themselves in the management profession, there are similar choices available.

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