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MBA Correspondence University  UGC-approved syllabus at our university for distance MBA, has been designed by veteran academicians in consultation with industry experts and specialists. The syllabus is constantly updated to reflect changing industry needs.


  1. MBA distance learning is among the most popular post graduate courses in India. An MBA degree from a reputed university for distance MBA can open up several doors for your career. You can start off with jobs at the Executive or Managerial level and work your way up based on the opportunities that come your way.
  2. A degree from one of the best colleges for distance MBA in India, will offer you lucrative career opportunities in the field of sales and marketing to name a few.
  3. After getting your degree from one of the best institutes for distance MBA in India, you can start your career as a marketing manager. Your role here will be to handle the several marketing processes in the company across various departments like sales, marketing, advertising and so on. You can also join as a financial manager, if you are good with money matters. Another preferred option among most MBA degree holders in to join as a human resource manager. The job role involves looking after the resources of the company, making it a key position.


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