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A masters program via MBA is skilled preparation for a management career. It provides a beginning platform for understanding the structure of the business that you just square measure coming into. Associate in MBA Marketing in One Year degree holder has higher decision-making skills, has structural thinking, is concentrated and may do higher business. One gets a style of however theory is applied in follow. It provides data of the many aspects of business – not enough for one to say mastery over it, however enough to grasp the difficulty that require to be checked out, the probabilities and choices offered, the ramification etc.
MBA Marketing in One Year helps in quick forwarding the educational method, vicariously supported alternative peoples’ experiences. the sort of skill-sets that Associate in Nursing leader appearance for square measure most typically found in MBA’s. the sort of skills that you just learn whereas doing MBA, realize higher use at a later stage, once you square measure within the middle or senior management level. 
Eligibility for MBA Marketing: Graduate candidates in any discipline with five hundredth and higher than mixture marks. Or Final year students can also apply for this course. 
Fee Structure: Admission Fee of Rs. 30,000 is to be paid by all the chosen candidates forthwith when the admission call is declared by the actual University. 
Eligibility for scholarship:  The scholarship is valid for college & University eligible for admission.
Admission Apply This following easy online/Offline procedure for this course, so can students effortlessly apply for this course.
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