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Journalism is among the most sought-after vocations in contemporary media and entertainment. Over the past years, the proliferation of television news channels and internet media outlets has created endless opportunities for journalists. The demand for high-quality, reliable journalism is as high as always, but given the quickly evolving technology and consistently shifting expectations, the strategies used to provide this service need to be updated. 

A degree in journalism or mass communication is the most popular entry point into this career. This qualification might be helpful in other industries like communications, marketing, education, and entertainment, in addition to improving your chances of earning a seat in the newsroom. According to data, 44% of teachers reported a significant rise in enrollment for journalism courses. So, what makes a good journalist? Let’s find out.

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Is a career in journalism a good option?

A Career in journalism can be fulfilling for a variety of reasons which are mentioned below. 

Chance to embark on challenging assignments

There won’t be many monotonous days in a journalist’s career. You get to work on various disciplines, including sports, politics, lifestyle, and many others, in addition to learning first-hand about the occurrences in your town.

A great sense of accomplishment

Journalists can have an impact on an audience with their writing and research that helps gain new knowledge as a result of their efforts.

Opportunity to socialize

As a journalist, you’ll get the chance to interact and meet individuals from all layers of society and interview famous people. 

Top skills required for a career in journalism

Here is a brief outline of the skills needed to be a journalist that good journalists have in common and that a future aspirant must master.

Ethical journalism skills 

You must uphold and adhere to journalism ethics despite the fierce competition from numerous broadcasting outlets. 

Digital literacy 

Journalists need to be well-versed with tools, including the latest apps, websites, social media, and computers. You need to be adaptable to changes, including the usage of digital media, to have a rewarding profession. 

Journalism knowledge 

A solid academic basis in journalism can help your career immensely. You need to be knowledgeable in theory and practice to do your job well, and it is among the essential journalism skills for a resume.

Communication skills

Given that their work requires a lot of research, developing scripts, creating material, and editing, broadcast journalists have to be proficient in written communication and the skills to express themselves well on paper.

Research and attention to detail 

As a journalist, you must pay close attention to the little details to determine whether the information you’re about to convey to the public is true. 

Investigative reporting 

You must possess investigative reporting skills to look into any immoral behavior in society. 

Problem-solving skills 

You must solve problems to get through any obstacles in your path, spot issues, and come up with fixes quickly.

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Gain in-depth knowledge and key journalism skills with an online MA JMC from MUJ

The UGC-entitled online MA JMC program offered by Manipal University Jaipur integrates theory and training to equip you with the skills necessary to launch your career in the field. This course strives to enhance students’ basic understanding of history and their command to explore social, economic, cultural, and political systems. The program encompasses modules that will enhance your abilities and give you practical experience in a variety of domains like digital publishing, photography foundations, screenwriting, audio-visual editing, mobile editing, etc. You will gain expertise in a wide range of subjects, such as digital media marketing, broadcast journalism, news reporting, the craft of storytelling, media law, ethics, and a lot more.

Key Highlights of MA JMC course from Online Manipal

UGC-entitled degree from a university with a NAAC A+ rating 

Course duration: 24 months (2 years)

Course fee: INR 1,30,000 ( INR 32,500 per semester)

The flexibility of semester-wise fee installment payments

Scholarships for defense personnel, differently-abled people, government employees, and meritorious students

Placement assistance


A career in journalism could be a fast-paced and interesting opportunity to discover more about the world, share your thoughts, travel, and stay informed. Having the aforementioned skills needed to become a journalist can guarantee that you enter the field with a competitive advantage. These skills are emphasized in MUJ’s online MA JMC course, which makes it the ideal step for preparing for a career in the field. So, enroll today and start your career in the domain.

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