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Through Symbiosis University Online education, a number of management-related courses are offered. However, they don’t offer any of these courses online. The institution offers only hybrid online and distance learning courses. Both printed study materials and virtual classroom training are incorporated into the teaching methodology. Here you can find all the details about the Symbiosis University Online MBA program.

The Symbiosis Center for Online Learning offers a variety of management specializations under the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) program (SSODL). It’s common to combine the PGDM curriculum and the online MBA program. The reason for this is that the SSODL PGDM program is comparable to a two-year online MBA degree and lasts a similar amount of time.

The curriculum was developed by a select group of business executives while taking into account both the evolving demands of the workplace and the present academic material.
The aspects of the Symbiosis University Online MBA are summarised in the table below, followed by full information on specializations, fees, eligibility, the admissions procedure, the syllabus and curriculum, placement data, student aid, and other subjects.

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Symbiosis University Online Courses

The online MBA program at Symbiosis University is one of the most well-known and well-known of all courses it offers to students enrolled in distance learning. Here is the official list of the university’s online courses.

Symbiosis University Online BCA: The three-year Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) undergraduate degree program covers information technology and computer application courses. This curriculum is designed to help students develop careers in the IT sector. A wide range of current issues is covered in the course, such as cloud computing, agile frameworks, advanced data management systems, and mobile application development.

Symbiosis University Online BBA: The BBA degree exposes students to real-world settings to help them strengthen their managerial and business skills. The essential ideas, techniques, and principles of management are covered in this course. Additionally, it provides a variety of managerial and business courses that prepare students for standardized test success as well as for making technology-based decisions and presenting at corporate events.

Symbiosis University Online BA: The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in English medium is offered online by Symbiosis University. It offers a broad range of disciplines that help students understand society’s many dimensions and understand their own roles within it. Students from all areas gain the cross-disciplinary skills they need to succeed in life through this curriculum.

Symbiosis University Online MBA

An online MBA will increase your productivity and offer you the strength and information you need to thrive in this world. An excellent option that will ensure you get the best education possible is the Symbiosis Online MBA Program. The two-year length of the university’s online MBA program is offered. Additionally, a variety of specialties and electives are available for selection. The Symbiosis Online program’s curriculum is quite advanced, and it is recognized on a global scale.

The candidates and applicants are free to select from a wide range of specializations, including marketing, human resources, finance, operations, operations management, business analytics, international business, hospital and healthcare management, and other famous and most accepted course specializations.

You will achieve academic excellence and job readiness at Symbiosis University Online MBA. In its online MBA program, the university offers every amenity and benefit.

Symbiosis University Online MBA Admission

The institute offers online learning alternatives for 3 diploma programs, 4 PG certificate programs, and 2 certificate programs, in addition to 21 PG diploma programs. Symbiosis University Online MBA Admission for these courses is conducted online.

Admission to the Online MBA program entails three steps:
getting the application form and finishing it

Registration online

Candidates must go to, the institute’s website, to register for the Symbiosis University Online MBA Admission Process.As soon as they have been accepted, students can purchase application forms online by paying Rs. 1200 using any of the following methods.Offline: HDFC Banks in a specific region, the SSODL Pune Campus, and SSODL Associates (for a list of HDFC Banks and SSODL Associates that provide application materials and prospectuses.) Online: The SSODL website.After the candidate has paid the fee, they can download the prospectus. The candidate will also have access to the online application form, which must be completed. At SSODL offices in Bangalore, Pune, Nasik, and some Axis Bank branches, the application form and prospectus are also accessible in physical copy.

Please take note that the application fee cannot be transferred.

Submission of documents
Print the application form after you’ve finished the application using one of the methods listed above, fill it out, and mail it along with the-

Necessary copies of educational recordsRecords of Work Experience2 passport-size photographsDocumentation bearing a photograph of the bearerName Change Document (if any)Full payment for the program is due now.

The application must be couriered to the SSODL campus in Pune for admission processing (address provided below). An application can also be submitted online.

Paying fees

Following confirmation of their acceptance, the student must pay either the initial installment or the total course fee. The fee can be paid online or with a demand draught payable to “The Director, SSODL Pune” and made out in Pune.Along with the DD, the application form is required. Information on the student should be included, such as name, contact information, program name, etc.

The SSODL Pune Campus is located at the following address:
Pune’s Symbiosis Center for Online Learning Model Colony Pune, Maharashtra 411016 Symbiosis Bhavan, 1065 B, Gokhale Cross Road

Symbiosis Online MBA Eligibility Criteria

The two-year length of the online MBA program and the online PGDM program offered by Symbiosis are the same. The study program is divided into four equal semesters.

Applicants must meet the criteria given below in order to be admitted into the Symbiosis University Online MBA Eligibility:

The candidate must possess a bachelor’s degree in any discipline from an institution of higher learning recognized by the Indian government.

Students from outside the SAARC must have graduated from a college or university recognized by the Indian government.

Graduate students may also apply to the program as long as they complete it satisfactorily and submit their final grades by the date set by SSODL.

Symbiosis Online MBA Eligibility Criteria

Students are required to pay both the academic fee and an application fee when submitting their application for the course of their choosing. To applicants who fit the defense, paramilitary, and police categories as well as to applicants from SAARC nations, tuition exemptions are provided as a scholarship.The total course cost for general category students enrolled in the Symbiosis University Online MBA Fee (PGDBA) program, if paid in one lump sum, is Rs. 50,000. A second option is to split the fee into two equal payments of Rs. 20,000 and Rs. 35,000.An application fee of Rs. 1200 is required for the PGDBA course, which is comparable to the MBA course.The course fee does not include the cost of the exam, which must be paid separately.The program fees may be paid in full all at once or in two installments.The Symbiosis Online Learning Institute charges an extra fee of Rs. 10,000 for the PGDBA dual specialty. The fees can be paid with demand draughts, cash, or online.Payment in cash is only accepted at the SSODL Pune Campus; the demand draught must be payable exclusively in Pune and be addressed to “The Director, SSODL, Pune.” All fees and levy payments can be made online.


The institute will reduce its fees for active members of the police, military, and defense forces. Candidates from the EBC (economically backward class) who come from families with annual incomes of less than Rs. 1.5 lakh are also qualified for a fee discount.
What Was Paid?
1. Internet-based: UPI, Net Banking, and debit/credit
2. Demand Draft made payable to “The Director SSODL, Pune”
For paying tuition, the university offers the following two options:

Why choose Symbiosis Online MBA?

If you choose to pursue a Symbiosis University Online MBA Learning, the Symbiosis Centre for Online Learning (SSODL) should without a doubt be one of your possibilities.

Yes, there are other top-notch schools as well, but the ideal strategy is always to compare as many as you can. As a result, you must be aware of the best features of your university and the factors that made you choose it.

The Symbiosis University Online MBA program has the following advantages, along with justifications for enrolling.

Company Value: The SSODL has a very high level of industry acceptance and is one of the best management schools in India. The education provided by SSODL is used by some of the top businesses, including Bajaj Finance Ltd., Airtel, Cognizant, and others.

Dynamic Specializations: SSODL’s Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) program offers a staggering array of specializations. The choice of these specializations was influenced by the current and anticipated trends in the management industry. These career-focused specialties give great insights into the evolving Management workplace.

Blended learning mode: This modern teaching approach preserves the program’s adaptability and the standard of instruction delivered. The two are combined in this instance.
Dynamic Assessment Methodology: There are also available exams that can be taken whenever you want them. They are free to learn at their own pace thanks to this.

Symbiosis University Online MBA Placements Opportunities

Graduates are guaranteed better jobs with the aid of a professional placement cell at SSODL. The department ensures that the students are appropriately instructed and outfitted for the job prior to the start of the placement season. It has the following characteristics:

presentations and practice interviews team support for building a CV, interview tips, and aptitude tests expert career counselors

The institute works in partnership with several organizations to help the students with their placements. The institute maintains close ties with the business community in order to provide students with cutting-edge and practically useful course material.

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