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Human resource (HR) is a basic corporate role and career path that has grown in importance and demand over time. Most of India’s highest-paying HR positions also offer the best opportunities for career advancement and career progression. Any company’s human resources dictate its outcome, influencing its strategy and profits. 

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Given the nature of their positions, HR practitioners have a peculiar outlook on the organizations they work for. They not only comprehend a company’s aspirations and constraints well but also have the capability to impact the direction of the business through their hiring choices. As they expand, employers will always require recruiters, benefits experts, and other HR employees. HR’s basic function in a company’s operations is unlikely to transform anytime soon.

Benefits of choosing a career in human resources

Choosing a profession in human resources has several benefits, which are listed below.

Accelerated career opportunities

An HR expert benefits a company in many different ways. You will have the ability to explore several management positions as your career develops. It covers employment as an HR manager, Team Leader, HR Director, and other HR positions.

Higher earnings

A certification can aid your ability to acquire the abilities needed to command a higher wage in HR management. A strengthened level of expertise will eventually qualify you for managing positions, which reward substantially.

Increased job stability

Every business requires a human resources department, especially one with significant expertise and a reliable academic background. It makes it possible for you to examine more options for work stability even when the economy isn’t going well.

Gain the opportunity to impact

HR specialists can affect an organization’s progress depending on their hiring choices, as well as having a thorough awareness of its goals. Once you begin working as an HR professional, you can keep an eye on corporate happenings and draw conclusions that will be in the best interests of your workplace.

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Skills needed for HR jobs

Human resources professionals must have the management and leadership skills needed to develop the abilities businesses are searching for. Here are a few of the crucial abilities to list on your resume if you plan to explore a career in HR:

Strong verbal and written communication

HR executives must have excellent communication skills to convey information effectively, from verbal and nonverbal communication to effective listening and convincing. 

Organizational abilities

To stay productive, HR teams need good organizational abilities. They must cram in other crucial activities, such as organizing corporate events and setting up staff training and development, between meetings with coworkers and executives. 

Teamwork and collaboration

The smooth operation of an organization depends on everyone’s ability to work well together and assist one another in day-to-day operations. 


It takes insight, expertise, and tactics to determine who has the finest talent or prospect. Your decision-making abilities demonstrate your capacity to choose wisely among several options. 

Strategic thinking

HR professionals must be aware of the company’s strategic requirements across all levels and divisions and be able to find and keep employees who can meet those requirements.


The responsibilities in the realm of human resources are diverse and can alter daily. Multitasking skills and active engagement are frequently crucial to success while simultaneously handling grievances, training programmes, remuneration, job adverts, and interviews.

Risk management

For organizational success, it is crucial to concentrate on managing risks related to compliance, hiring practices, and employee development.

Emotional intelligence

HR can more effectively handle disagreements and encourage and motivate employees. They can foster traits like teamwork and synergy with coworkers and prevent personal feelings from interfering with professional interactions.

Analytical abilities

Analytical proficiency is one of the important HR talents that will give the company a competitive advantage. Solutions improve and become more simplified as HR procedures become more analytical.

In-demand HR job roles

Let’s glance at some potential job pathways and job titles for HR you can follow after obtaining a degree in this discipline. You can shortlist potential roles and decide to apply for them based on your profile and career goals. Following is the list of careers in human resources:

HR Manager

HR managers are professionals who serve as a bridge between the director and the executive levels of organizational administration. They make sure that all practices adhere to corporate guidelines and legal requirements. This personnel also oversee labor relations, training, salary and benefits, and staffing. 

HR Director

The HR Director is in command of the company’s overall hiring, remuneration, promotion, and other human resource policies. It is a senior-level job and among the top roles in the hierarchy in the HR department, establishing the pace for all HR initiatives within the company. They monitor the state of the market and assess how much an organization is willing to pay for multiple roles. 

Recruiting Manager

The post of Recruiting Manager is typically given to the person in charge of recruiting new personnel for a company. They should interact with the recruiting managers of various divisions to learn about their staffing requirements and job openings. Recruitment managers must have attention to detail, use effective interviewing techniques, and collaboration with teams. 

HR Consultant

HR consultants are adept at analyzing a business’s human resources position and developing regulations, staffing structures, benefits packages, rewards programs, and many other aspects. These specialists typically assist HR managers with particular tasks while working in a contractual role. They examine the current workforce and suggest enacting the needed reforms and maximizing the benefits. 

Compensation and Benefits Manager

Compensation and benefits managers must choose and carry out strategies while balancing employee needs with the financial limits of their business. One would need to be knowledgeable about salaries and bonuses, allowances, pensions, insurance, business policy, and employment and remuneration legislation to be successful in this role. 

Employee Relations Specialist

This designation in HR serves as a liaison between the administration and labor unions. They create employment agreements by labor laws and requirements. They occasionally work as public relations experts and advocate for their client corporation in legal proceedings. To operate as a labor relations expert, you need to have a solid awareness of the laws, legislation, and other aspects at the regional, statewide, and federal levels. Strong negotiation and communication abilities and the capacity to draft and comprehend legal documents are additional prerequisites. 

International HR Associate

International HR associates carry out administrative work like posting jobs, interviewing candidates, examining benefits and salary packages, etc. The company’s HR Associates are in charge of gathering, documenting, and communicating HR transactions. They maintain the company’s HR files and help new hires with the hiring process. 

Learning and Development Manager

These HR specialists entail assisting the workforce through initiatives in career guidance, training, and development. These duties include planning orientation events for new hires, leading in-person sessions for the existing workforce, and leading personal and professional growth programs. They are skilled in writing training materials like booklets and manuals. 

How to prepare for HR job roles?

Individuals wanting to pursue HR job roles should pursue business-related courses such as a BBA or MBA. They must know about business, economics, general business, business and labor law, accounting, marketing, management, and statistics.

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