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Key takeaways: 

Businesses must develop procedures to streamline how their goods reach customers if they want to continue to be successful. 

The efficient and effective movement of goods and information must be planned and overseen, which calls for a variety of people with a variety of skills. Jobs in the supply chain can lead to highly profitable occupations that are vital to the daily operations and long-term success of a firm. 

A supply chain is a method a business employs to transfer data, products, or resources from a supplier to a customer. The entire development through the delivery process is included in an organization’s supply chain, including –

Product developmentPurchasing of materialsInventory controlManufacturingTransportation DeliveryThere is a high demand for SCM jobs in India, and they also pay handsome salaries in India. 

The global business landscape has radically shifted in recent years. The scope of supply chain management has expanded as a result. This industry has seen the emergence of numerous new disciplines, including planning, sourcing, manufacturing, and delivery. The flow of goods and services involves a number of actions, from acquiring raw materials to turning them into finished items.

What is supply chain management, and is it a high-paying job opportunity? That is probably the question you’re wondering right now. As with any sector, supply chain management has a wide range of professions to pick from, so let’s go a little deeper and look at some of the highest-paying supply chain jobs in this field.

Given the rapid growth of supply chain management and logistics, there are consistently more career possibilities in this sector every year. New positions are developing in this sector while traditional roles are becoming more technologically savvy. So, based on various characteristics, supply chain and management is undoubtedly one of the professions with a much higher job satisfaction rate. 

It is thus evident that choosing to work as a purchasing or logistics manager in 2022 is a wise decision for now and in the future.

Why a career in supply chain management?

The allocation, distribution, and delivery of a product are under the control of logisticians. The demand for logistics professionals is at an all-time high, so if you want to work steadily and earn well, this may be your field. The highest-paying supply chain jobs come with some perks, as follows.

Job creation

The logistics industry rapidly increased and saw expansion even during the worst crisis. With the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasting a 7% increase in jobs between 2016 and 2026, the field is even more promising.

Ample pay

Salary ranges for supply chain managers in India depend on factors including location, amount of expertise, and companies they work for. The yearly salary range for a supply chain manager in India is INR 30,00,000, according to PayScale. In this industry, bonuses and overtime are rather typical.

In-demand positions  

Any firm that produces goods and services needs to have a strong supply chain management department. Business executives are aware that enhancing supply chain management can boost sales, product quality, and organizational effectiveness. As a supply chain specialist, you could be a significant asset to any organization and make a remarkable contribution in its growth.

Possibilities for growth

While it is not a must for success in logistics, a graduate degree might open the door to the rapid development of an individual wanting to pursue SCM jobs. Although there are many upper management positions, they demand more training and experience.

Global traveling

Numerous logistics positions require regular travel abroad. Although these excursions focus considerably more on work than sightseeing, they offer a variety of prospects for those eventually wishing to break into the world of international business.

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Top-paying Supply Chain Management jobs

Here is a list of top supply chain jobs and the respective average salaries-

Job rolesAnnual salary ( INR – LPA)Purchasing Managers8,42,726Logistics Managers5,90,000Warehouse Managers5,00,730Inventory Managers5,80,000Distribution Managers11,35,790Freight Forwarders5,90,000Retail Merchandisers23,00,000Operations Managers9,00,000Production Managers9,60,554 E-Commerce Logistics Managers9,08,287Source

1. Purchasing Managers

The sourcing, investigation, and contracting with material or product providers are within the purview of purchasing managers. They search for the most significant things at the lowest prices and bargain to get the best price for their company on goods they will either use or resell. Purchasing managers are one of the best supply chain jobs.

Roles and responsibilities

Identify the order’s frequency.Compare various vendors.Determine your shipping requirements.Make sure purchases satisfy the requirements of the business.

Average salary

INR 8,42,726 per annum.

2. Logistics Managers

Logistics managers plan and manage the ordering of materials and delivery of goods to customers or vendors. At each stage of the supply chain, they also ensure that regulations are followed. A large company’s whole supply chain or a specific region may fall under the purview of a logistics manager.

Roles and responsibilities

Maintaining inventory data and controlling warehouse stock.Budget oversight and management.Choosing transportation providers and haggling over prices with them.Responding to issues and finding solutions.

Average salary

INR 5,90,000 per annum.

3. Warehouse Managers

The warehouse managers are in charge of overseeing the facility’s operations. They also speed up shipping and receiving, keep an eye on team performance, and ensure items are stored efficiently and orderly. Technically knowledgeable candidates are preferred for this post.

Roles and responsibilities

Process orders.Operate the IT and mechanical systems.Liaise with transport suppliers, companies and clients.Train, supervise and appraise staff.

Average salary

INR 5,00,730 per annum.

4. Inventory Managers

Inventory managers are responsible for managing a company’s inventory levels. They are in charge of a team of inventory staff who receive and record new items as it is delivered and shipped. Their duties frequently involve monitoring regular deliveries, investigating various suppliers, and evaluating fresh supplies.

Roles and responsibilities 

Oversee a group of warehouse workers.A daily delivery record examines fresh cargo and various providers.

Average salary

INR 5,80,000 per annum.

5. Distribution Managers

Distribution managers are in charge of determining how much a duct must be delivered, where it ought to go, and how it should be distributed. This position is critical in supply chain management and logistics, and it uses information technologies to support accurate forecasting and efficient programme implementation.

Roles and responsibilities

Arrange for shipping.Organize the drivers, loads, transportation, and routes.Control expenses, timelines, and stock levels using IT systems.Analyze data to determine performance, identify operational problems, and create improvement plans.

Average salary

INR 11,35,790 per annum.

6. Freight forwarders

The person or business planning shipments for people and businesses to move items from a producer or manufacturer to a consumer, market, or final point distribution point now as a freight forwarder or forwarding agent.

Roles and responsibilities

Organizing the items’ insurance.Following up in the event of an accident.Directing the movement of the cargo.Supervising the loading and packing of the shipment.

Average salary

INR 5,90,000 per annum.

7. Retail merchandisers

To ensure that the right product is available at the appropriate time and location to maximize sales and margin, retail merchandisers serve as a liaison between purchasers and the sales floor. 

Roles and responsibilities

Work with retailers and suppliers to ensure that merchandising plans are carried out correctly.Verify store adherence to marketing strategies.Campaigns for advertising and promotion should be planned and executed.Maintain a product inventory.

Average salary

INR 23,00,000 per annum.

8. Operations managers

Operations managers typically supervise all business operations for a company, a non-profit organization, a government agency, or another type of company. Both large and small firms employ these managers to hire, oversee, and educate staff members, run quality assurance programs, and plan process improvements.

Roles and responsibilities

Control the operational procedure.Organize and manage the opera operating process.Manage the improvement of performance.Create an operational plan.

Average salary

INR 9,00,000 per annum.

9. Production managers

Production managers or unit production managers are responsible for managing the daily operations of production as well as setting budgets and shooting schedules. Additionally, they oversee the below-the-line employees. This profile should be taken into account by a candidate with an interest in organizing, planning, and negotiating budgets. They are one of the top supply chain jobs.

Roles and responsibilities

Establish and maintain production schedules.Analyze the resource and project needs.Budgets are estimated, discussed, and agreed upon with clients and managers.Certify that all health and safety requirements are being followed.

Average salary

INR 9,60,554 per annum.

10. E-Commerce logistics managers

E-commerce logistics managers design and implement organizational plans, strategies, and procedures to maintain a perfect supply chain, operations, logistics, and procurement process. They oversee routine business activities and the activities of the company’s executives in charge of IT, marketing, and finance.

Roles and responsibilities 

Identifying possible distribution and shipping firms.Assessing a company’s performance.

Average salary

INR 9,08,287 per annum.

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How can I earn these skills?

After high school, aspiring supply chain managers must obtain a bachelor’s degree. Other relevant majors, such as finance, business, or even engineering, are available besides bachelor’s degrees concentrating primarily on supply chain management. 

Getting an online certificate from reliable platforms such as Online Manipal gives you an upper hand in learning in-depth about the field you want to enter and exploring the diverse options before getting into one of the best supply chain companies to work for.

Wrapping up 

Jobs in supply chain management are generally constantly in demand. Given the growth of e-commerce, additional employment will definitely open up in the near future. Therefore, if you lack the requisite degree or experience, it’s still not too late. You may now start your training.
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