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To compete in today’s highly competitive job market, it is important for students to be industry ready while appearing for their placement interviews. It has become increasingly difficult to find jobs, so students must make the best use of their placement interviews. While they already have exposure to attend interviews conducted by top companies, they must showcase the best version of themselves while appearing for the interview. 

What is industry readiness? 

Every organization hires employees that possess technical skills and personal attributes to be able to perform well on the job. Industry readiness means having the right skillset and knowledge to become employed and stay productive in current industries. Industry readiness not only improves your employability, but also helps you secure a job that fits you well. In today’s competitive world, graduates must be industry ready even before they appear for their first job interviews. 

While you theoretically learn the skills you need on the job during your program, it is important to practically acquire the skills before you sit for placements. Here’s why it is important to be industry ready.  

Improves employability 

Industry readiness massively improves your employability, considering you have all the skills and knowledge to become a future-ready professional. You will be noticed for your knowledge, mindset, opinions and thoughts. At the end, you want to be employed in your dream company, being industry ready helps you stay ahead in the game.  

Higher pay scale 

When you are industry ready, the employer is aware that you are an asset to the organization. So, you can ask for a better salary, which leads to a great career start. 

Tests your knowledge 

Being industry relevant helps the employer test your knowledge about your chosen domain. You must follow market trends and keep yourself updated on the latest developments. Being updated creates a good impression and reflects your interest in getting the job. This helps the employer recruit you with greater confidence and trust.  

Boosts confidence 

If you have all the skills required to be industry-ready, like communication skills, interpersonal skills, technical skills and knowledge, it boosts your confidence and helps you prepare well for the placement interview. This not only boosts your confidence, but also the employer’s confidence in you. 

Gives you the edge 

Being industry ready gives you a competitive edge in the sense that you can stay ahead of others. When you are talented and possess industry skills, employers believe that you will make meaningful contribution to the organization. In essence, it is important to think outside of the box.  

How to be industry ready? 

You cannot get industry-ready in a day. In involves constant efforts by students to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge. Here are some ways of getting industry ready- 

Resume building skills 

A resume creates the first impression of the candidate. For your application to stand out, you must create a crisp, to the point resume that is attractive. Highlight your skills and accomplishments according to your job profile and you are good to go. 

Practical knowledge 

Practice whatever you learn theoretically. If you can implement your theoretical knowledge practically, there is a high chance that you will get hired. These days, employers don’t bother much about your grades, rather they want you to possess industry-relevant skills.  

Consider taking up online courses 

There are plenty of free online courses that will improve the skills you need to work on. Spend some time building on new skills or enhancing your existing skills.  

Strengthen your weakness 

Everyone has their share of strengths and weaknesses; however, it is important to work on your weak areas or at least convey to the employers that you are ready to learn from your mistakes. This also proves your honesty and improves employability. 

Hone your communication skills 

Communication is key. The way you communicate reflects your character and mindset. Therefore, it is important to have a good command over English to speak confidently. It is also important to strike the right tone while answering questions.  

Time management skills  

Ensure you are on time for the interview, as it reflects your punctuality and creates a good first impression. Time management not only helps you in your placement interview, but also improves your professional life.  

Placement interview is an essential event in the life of a student who wishes to explore a successful career. So, students must make the best of it to get their dream job. Now that you know why industry readiness is important, follow the above tips and ace your interview.  

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